Liedersammlung des Zürcher Chorliederverlag

Music from Ireland

Along with My Love I'll Go (Air)
Arthur McBride
Betty MacNeil (Turlough O'Carolan)
Bonaparte's Grand March
Broken-Hearted I'll Wander
Captain MacDonald's Favourite Jig
Carolan's Concerto (Turlough O'Carolan)
Cooley's (Reel)
Deirdre's Fancy (Slip Jig)
Dingle Regatta (Jig)
Drowsy Maggie (Reel)
Father Kelly's (Jig)
I'll Marry and Won't be a Nun (Hornpipe)
In Dublin's Fair City
King Charles' Jig
King of the Clans (Reel)
Kiss the Quaker's Wife (Single Jig)
Lord Galways Lamentation
Lovely Leitrim
Mo Ghrá-sa mo Dhia (Hymn)
Morgan Magan (Turlough O'Carolan)
Oiche Nollag (Single Jig)
Over the Moor to Maggie (Reel)
Peggy Gordon
Phil the Fluter
Reynard the Fox
Sally Gardens (Air)
She Moved Through the Fair
The Banks of the Suir (Air)
The Bantry Girls' Lament
The Caravat and Shanavest (Hornpipe)
The Doon (Reel)
The Dublin Stage (Hornpipe)
The Flower of Sweet Strabane
The Galbally Farmer
The Galtee (Reel)
The Galway Races
The Hag with the Money (Jig)
The Hills of Kerry
The Hon. Thomas Burke (Turlough O'Carolan)
The Kerry Reel
The Lark in the Morning (Jig)
The Mermaid
The Peacock (March)
The Portuguese Sailor
The Queen of Connemara
The Sailor's Hornpipe
The Sligo Maid (Reel)
The Snowy-Breasted Pearl
The Spanish Lady
The Tailor's Twist (Hornpipe)
The Widow Dickens (Reel)
Unknown (Jig)
Wellington's Advance (Double jig)